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AS3 Comments

This Actionscript 3 tutorial is on AS3 Comments. AS3 Comments are placed within actionscript 3 using // for single line AS3 comments or /** or /* for multiline AS3 comments with */ to end them. Actionscript 3 is used to program Flex, Flash, and AIR.

Using /** in most editors gives you a more beautiful colour!

AS3 Comment examples

Double slash

//this is an as3 comment about the variable below
var hello:String = "hello";

AS3 Block Line comments

/* this is a block as3 comment 
 on multiply lines.*/
/** This is also a block as3 comment,
but it should appear in a different color within 
your editor **/


If you're using ActionScript 3 heavily it is worth reading the ASdoc guidelines and following these to comment your ActionScript code, even if your not using Flex. Please do read this!!!


*Add how you document code

Comment Shortcuts

Commenting in Eclipse

Ctrl + Shift + C

Commenting in Flash Develop

Ctrl + D

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